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This place is intended to ask and answer questions.

Questions should help solve a problem or issue you encountered. Do not ask for opinion, discuss or ask to recommend commercial products and services. All questions should be Forex-related.

Try to make your questions as detailed as possible. This way it will be easier to get a good answer. Provide a good title for the question, so that it sums up the question well.
Make sure to search for an answer first to avoid asking duplicate questions.
Whenever possible, provide description of actions you took and references to show research you've done when attempting to solve the question on your own.

Try to answer exactly what is being asked. If there are uncertainties, find out the details you need by commenting the question itself before posting your answer.
Read others' answers and avoid posting a duplicate. If you wish to add to someone's answer, do it adding a comment to the answer.
Provide sources and references wherever applicable, and if you feel it adds to the value of your answer.

Try using the voting mechanism objectively. Only upvote sound, useful and helpful questions and answers. Voting down should be used to mark bad, incomplete, irrelevant and off-topic questions and answers.

Make sure to add at least a couple tags to your question to make finding it easier. Tags should be general, e.g. 'trader contest', 'jforex', 'strategy'.

Newest questions are just that - the newest submitted questions.
Popular questions are the ones having most votes and views, as well as containing upvoted answers.
Unanswered question section shows questions that are viewed more and upvoted, yet have no answer yet. Answering these questions benefits the community the most.