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AUD/USD 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement Level for sell

AUD/USD remains neutral at this point. On the upside, above 0.7988 will extend the rebound to retest 0.8135. On the downside, below 0.7758 will resume the fall from 0.8135 and target 0.7500 key near term support. At this point, there is no strong case for a range breakout yet and 0.7500/8135 could hold for a while ,,
but for now the price bouncing from 61.8 fibo level there's a apotiontei to short this pair
my entry poin shorting at 0.78700
stop lose at 0.8000
and my take profit at 0.7700
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moursi 28 Feb.

my first target rich at Target: 0.77700 

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Armands 1 Mar.

Almost there

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yuithana 2 Mar.

. Right on!

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Good job!

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i like this!)

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Support become resistant

The price bounced from 1,3863 level ,,going to move upward. Entry level is 1.3900 with stop orders at 1.3850 level. Profit targets are 1.39500
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LONG USDCAD Bullish Divergence

The price bounced from 1.22500 level. RSI and a reversal candlestick pattern confirm price reversal. The bullish divergence gives a trend reversal signal. All taht tell us that the downward movement is over and the market is going to move upward. Entry level is 1.25574 with stop orders at 1.24800 level. Profit targets are 1.28482
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CTygeHT 12 Feb.

Good luck

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Muller 13 Feb.

Также ожидаю рост, но думаю, что сначала снизится пунктов на 150-200 от текущей цены.

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Rohayma 18 Feb.


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