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Hi girls! We have great news! Each of you can get 500 extra points! All you need is to open an account in Dukascopy Bank SA, pass all compliance…

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Hi girls! We know how much you are waiting for the results. The last day of March is on Saturday, but as we all need some rest on weekends, Dukascopy…

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Do you want to remember this summer all year?
Dukascopy will help you with this!
We are launching a new challenge called DukaSummer !
There are 90 ideas how to make this season memorable! Take part in the challenge and make your summer full of romance, extreme and personal growth. Are you ready?
Make your summer hotter and get prizes from the Dukascopy Bank SA!

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Namib is the most amazing desert in the world

Namib Desert is believed to be not only the oldest in the world, but also the coldest and foggy of deserts. It appeared because of the mighty ice currents along the south-west coast of Africa many years ago. The name of the current is not worth remembering, but the area is - it's beautiful, it's 100 000 sq. M. km. And the fact that the name of the country Namibia received from the desert, and not vice versa - is also possible.The Namib Desert is on the list of natural phenomena protected by UNESCO. Its main miracle is age and appearance. I never remember my age, I do not know and I'm not interested in them either from people or from deserts, but if you so much want, then here it is: 80 million years. The association is my everything, that's why I can safely tell my friends that even in the time of the dinosaurs, the water piled up mountains and then threw them back onto the land in the form of sand of varying degrees of redness. The red color is the oxides of iron, which were so many in the stones that you can still knock on some of them, and they will respond like an empty iron barrel.
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Insidious Luminary

How to avoid sunstroke and cope with overheating?
When it's warm summer or you go on holiday to where it's hot, it's quite easy to overheat. Then the temperature rises, the headache begins, in difficult cases it is possible to lose consciousness. What to do if you feel that you are too hot, and how not to allow repetition?
1. Get out of the sun
Best in the room with air conditioning or at least in the shade. After overheating, a sunstroke may occur, and this is very dangerous. In addition, even going out in the sun after a few hours increases the chances that there will be problems!
2. Drink cold water
The risk of dehydration rises with every minute in the sun. Experts recommend drinking a glass of water every 15-20 minutes.
3. Rest
It is best to lie down in a hammock or on a sofa, so that your feet are slightly above your head.
4. Undress
Then the temperature of the body will decrease faster.
5. Cool
Suitable water spray or sponge, moistened with water. For further cooling, a fan or newspaper sheet.
How to avoid overheating?
1. Do not play sports in the heat
It is best to do this in the morning or evening.
2. Do not drink alcohol and coffee
They increase sweating, because of what the fluid is quickly excreted from the body.
3. Do not smoke
Smoking affects the blood vessels and reduces sensitivity to ambient temperature.
4. Give the body time to acclimatize
If you come to a place where it's hotter than at home, the body needs about a week to get used to it. Do not stick aroun…
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Most incredible stars shoes

Sometimes, starry women of fashion are embarked on all the hard in their desire to surprise fans someone walks the most "bare" dresses, and someone chooses unusual and even strange accessories and shoes.
Minions, ice cream, figurines and flames these are the most unusual shoes that put on celebrities!
Model Irina Lazaryanu chose bright sandals, the heel of which reminds the designer of "Lego" moderately unusual, but "wearable" shoes.
Epataging Lady Gage is excusable everything. What kind of images did we not see with the singer? And these shoes with an unusual heel can becalled even quite a "casual" .
The style of Tilda Swinton is unique, but it goes very well perhaps even the strangest things look organically on the actress. Including these sandals.
These shoes created Christian Louboutin specifically for the premiere of the "Maleficents" they fit perfectly into the image of Angelina Jolie and made a real sensation on the red carpet.
Marion Cotillard surprised fans as much by demonstrating Dior shoes with an original heel in the form of statuettes.
And Katy Perry and at all chose "burning" sandals such subjects are especially actual in the summer
Madonna also never tires of surprising admirers and colleagues in the shop. At one of the social events the star appeared in shoes, the heel of which depicted pistols!
At the premiere of the "Minions" Sandra Bullock decided to additionally support her project by selecting "patriotic" funny shoes in the subject of the film.
Sarah Jes…
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Find love now

And do you believe in love online?
I see girls and boys who build their relationships on the internet and sometimes from the very beginning. And what to do if you have difficulties even with falling in love in real life? ))
Unfortunately or fortunately, I haven’t felt in love online. But it doesn’t mean there is no such possibility)
Previously agreed with my friend, I would like to share an amazing example of online relations from my friends ❤️ they met 3 years ago.. me and my girlfriend (N) were sitting in restaurant and my other friend (P) joined us for few minutes. Later in the evening, N received the request for friendship on Facebook from mine and P’s friend (O).
So what? No connection? You think it’s weird? Maybe )))
But what really happened. P called to O and told about my girlfriend, who is completely what O is looking for in girls. Funny, smart, beautiful. O was a bit sceptic and ignored this
Funny that the same evening he send N the request for friendship ) he simply found her on his own and really liked the energy going from her photos next week he went back to his country.
Now they are dating already for 3 years, living on different continents, time zones but with same deep feelings. Internet helps them and I am so happy to follow this beautiful story which maintains thanks to the internet.
They started on the internet, they continued there and I see that everything is moving the real life ❤️
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Mid-summer checklist

Как мало этих 90 дней лета чтобы успеть все. Ведь целый год то и делаешь что планируешь отпуск. В этом году я решила избавить себя от этих грандиозных планов на лето. Один месяц у меня пролетел на одном дыхании: учеба(сессия), работа. Июль уже проходит, а у меня главное задание это закончить магистерскую работу. Отдых видать не скоро. Но где-то в планах и мечтах - море. Это лето как-то по-особенному быстро проходит, раньше время тянулась так медленно, что я не знала чем заполнить свободное время. А сейчас в сутках не хватает 24 часа. У вас тоже так?
Но работа работой , а вот отдохнуть душой и телом просто необходимо, особенно если этот отдых с любимым человеком.
Есть у меня один коварный план: сходить в зоопарк,я последний раз там была лет 15 назад, ну вот тянет меня туда, но все времени нет, очень люблю животных, особенно слонов.
Не равнодушна я и к театру, там такая атмосфера, что хочется возвращаться снова и снова, а главное я всегда остаюсь в полном эстетическом удовлетворении после посещении пьесы.
А еще я всегда мечтала побывать в Греции, видела ее только на картинках . Как в нее не влюбиться ? А вообще я такой человек, что куда бы я не попала я возьму из этого места что-то интересное. Ведь главное не где , а с кем, правда?…
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