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Hello everyone! We are happy to share the latest important news with you. Starting from September 1st every participant owning account with Dukascopy…

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Hi girls! We have great news! Each of you can get 500 extra points! All you need is to open an account in Dukascopy Bank SA, pass all compliance…

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Современной королеве красоты не нужен дворец: достаточно королевского номера в роскошном отеле с видом на Женевское озеро. ????
Во время шопинг-тура Мисс Дукаскопи 2018 жила в Crown Suite — такой щедрый подарок победительнице сделал Hotel President Wilson, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Geneva.
В распоряжении у Анны Музовой были двухкомнатные апартаменты с большой гардеробной. Безупречное обслуживание включало приятные бонусы: наша Мисс получала французские сладости, рождественский кулич, вино и другие гастрономические радости в качестве комплиментов.
Благодарим Hotel President Wilson за гостеприимство и идеальные воспоминания! ❤️
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Alina_V avatar
Alina_V yesterday at 17:27 GMT

Вау... мечта просто!!!

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Compliments for him

They say compliments are a powerful weapon!

Even cute SMS compliments to a man - this is an accurate blow to the target. You don't put much effort into writing simple things, but it works!

The man is changing! The main thing is that everything happens voluntarily, without coercion. This is his desire to become your ideal!

Pleasant compliments to the man:

1. If we're together, my mind shuts down.
2. I like your smile. When you smile, you're so sexy.
3. When you're close, I lose all reasonable thoughts, but I love that feeling of weightlessness.
4. If we are together, I forget about the troubles and problems. Your hug is all I need.
5. I love walking with you. Oh, yes, everyone's jealous of how wonderful my man is.
6. I want to be with you, to feel your power. Hug me so tight that no one can open our arms.
7. You're strong. As soon as I saw you, I knew this was my perfect man.
8. Love your look. I feel like the most desirable woman on earth.
9. You're powerful. When you're around, I feel like a little girl, loved and protected.
10. I love to fall asleep and wake up in your arms and see your smile on the next pillow.
11. I admire your skill/ ability…
12. There's no place in the world I'd rather be than your heart.
13. You're the most amazing man in the world.
14. When we're together, let the whole world wait.
15. You're like a magnet. You're always attracting my thoughts.
Guys, what is your favorite compliment from this list? Just drop a comment with the number.
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Larry1355 avatar
Larry1355 4.5 hours ago

Thank you...lol

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What is the most annoying in relations? Men's point.

Pisses off all men without exception. The tendency of women to meaningless game with strange rules. Men don't want to play the game "guess what I want, but pretend you didn't»
When a woman does not shut up. With a friend on the phone for 2 hours discussing her relationship with the man, or keep asking him about his thoughts and work.
Demonstration of superiority.
Men don't like it when women compare, compete or when they try to "growl" by putting their feet on their chest. The desire to criticize everyone.
To hear criticism simply unpleasantly.
Violate personal territory of the man.
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Larry1355 avatar
Larry1355 4.5 hours ago

I hate it when women keep looking at their mirror. It is kind like being ignored some.

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Miss Dukascopy Inside

One of the most common stereotypes about the relationship of men and dance. Where it came from and why it rooted so deeply in our reality is a rather complex and interesting question. We will try to find and answer in this interview.
We are, of course, talking about pair dancing. As soon as we are faced with the need to attract adult men to dance, we always, one way or another, face a stereotype: REAL MEN DON'T DANCE!
Dance is an expression of your feelings and emotions. Women are more tender creatures, they easily share their experiences, they just need to tell and show what they feel. This, in my opinion, is one of the reasons that when it comes to dancing, most of the girls jumps up with joy and rushes to the dance floor.
Men, of course, are brought up differently. No one should ever know how he feels. The enemy is everywhere. You have to be cool. Expression of emotions is weakness. All are taught to be Shtirlits. And with such a program is quite difficult to go and show everyone what you really are, to express themselves in the dance movement. Well, what can I say, dancing girls in most cases very nice to look at, the men on the dance floor do not look so graceful.
When you dance in pairs, there is no outside world. It's just man and woman.
Dance with a girl - this is a great way to make her feel nice, to please her. You can give her diamonds, drive to resorts, drive to restaurants, be a great lover. And it is possible to dance with her. None of these things are better or…
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Larry1355 avatar
Larry1355 4 hours ago

I like to dance some, I'm not as good as I would like but enjoy it at times. Holding a lady as you dance is great))) I like both fast and slow dance. I grew up on Rock and Roll.  It is funny when a man says he need a few drink before he will dance. Is it because he's embarrassed?

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40 ways to spend time together

1. Remember your first date, and repeat it again.
2. Go cycling to the nearest park.
3. Cook something together: everybody can offer their own recipe.
4. Go to the gym together or sign up for yoga.
5. Plant a tree.
6. Go to the theater or the museum.
7. Play a board game.
8. Have a romantic picnic.
9. Put together a great puzzle.
10. Reading books together can really be romantic. You can read, for example, to each other.
11. Meet the sunset or the sunrise together.
12. Arrange a day trip, for example, to the forest or to the nearest city.
13. Go to a concert of your favorite band that two of you like, or go to the karaoke and sing your favorite songs.
14. Attend dance lessons.
15. Bowling!
16. Go fishing.
17. Go roller skating or figure skating.
18. Give each other a massage.
19. Run together 5-10 kilometers.
20. To do charity work: for example, to help a poor family.
21. Go camping and sit by the fire in the evening.
22. Have a fondue night.
23. To go for the karting.
24. If possible, take a boat ride or a catamaran.
25. Collect berries or mushrooms in the forest (depending on the season).
26. Review your pictures and videos together.
27. Create a family tree.
27. Stay one night at the hotel.
28. Dinner in an unusual place.
29. Make home rolls or sushi.
30. Look at the stars in your yard or the street or from the balcony.
31. Horse riding.
32. Go to the amusement park!
33. Bake a cake.
34. Create a board on which you attach your dreams, goals and plans. Paint them.
35. Make …
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Constant changes of impression and happiness related?

Do you think events and travelling make people happy?⠀ Because of the development of social networks, we periodically experience the so-called syndrome of lost profits it is an obsessive fear of missing something important, tormenting feeling of "everyone but me" (visited the party, flew to Thailand, etc.). Its consequences from just a bad mood to depression.⠀
The truth is that if for you are much more pleasant to lie down with a book in the bath than to run to the next fashion show or contemporary art exhibition, it is a book you should choose.⠀ Believe me, nothing will happen if you stay at home and do not post a new selfie at Instagram.⠀ Being in constant travel, you give up stability and for sure, miss something important, do not notice people around, do not understand what ishappening in your soul, heart.⠀ Learn to distinguish between what drives you a real desire to go somewhere, to try something or still fear not to visit and not to try (when others have already done it!).⠀
Personally, I would prefer to travel to Turkey by my own car instead of an all-inclusive trip to Dubai.⠀ Did you feel happy travelling?⠀
Is there a place you want to visit?
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