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Trip to Geneva

Miss Dukascopy 2017

Miss Dukascopy won a Christmas trip to Geneva and amazing shopping worth more than USD 200,000 from fashion giants such as Herve Leger, Salvatore Ferragamo, Noel Fourrures, CéèS Fine Jewelry, Eva.J, Vitris, Versace, Shirò, Vicedomini, Franc Vila, Jose Zafra, Apostrophe and Georges Rech.
During her entire stay, the winner stayed in luxurious apartments at Four Seasons des Bergues Hotel, dining in the best restaurants in Geneva, such as Beau Rivage Hotel Patara Thai fine cuisine.

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Miss Dukascopy beauty contest makes a fairytale real!

Galina Mirgaeva, titled Miss Dukascopy 2017, starred in a music video of the talented singer Markus Riva. This video describe a love-story between two people meeting in Geneva: breathtaking mountain views, famous fountain Jet d'Eau and cobblestone streets of Old City.
Thanks to the Miss Dukascopy contest, Galina has played the main heroine of the love story, and she has already visited a presentation of this music video in Moscow.
See the photos from video presentation event and watch the video …
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ireen1386 avatar
ireen1386 17 Mar.

Красивый клип получился! А Галина безусловно его украшение!

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Miss Dukascopy 2017 Shopping Tour

Today is the 3rd day of Miss Dukascopy2017 Shopping Tour.
Galina Mirgaeva started her day with professional makeup and hairstyling at Toni & Guy! After that, she visited Fanny Polett boutique where she got simply and elegant black suit. Arel Forever offers 3 daring, elegance and glamor looks worth 10.000$.
Our Miss Dukascopy 2017 also got clothing worth 10.000 by modern elegance and sensual femininity brand Escada
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MISSDukascopy2017 and THE END of Contest year

Miss Dukascopy 2017 Galina Mirgaeva is finally in Switzerland!
Here, in Geneva, she will stay for one week to get her dream shopping tour worth more than $200 000! Royal hotel suite, dresses and shoes, meeting with interesting people, coronation at GFE, more and more unforgettable emotions for Miss Dukascopy 2017!
Follow us on Instagram to know all details and secrets about Miss Dukascopy shopping tour!
Dear girls!
We also want to warn you that in connection with the upcoming New Year and Chris…
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FXRabbit avatar
FXRabbit 15 Dec.

Dear Miss Dukascopy Admins, I have a suggestion for a task for Miss Dukascopy participants. :D Basically, with the start of the new year 2018, we men would like to know which fashion trend should we follow next year. Should baggy jeans be back or tight jeans ? Should we wear single breast two button suits or three button suits, perhaps go back to double breast suits ? Is it time for mustache or beard maybe ? Guide us with our Men fashion trend and will give you likes in return! ;)

Vicktoria avatar
Vicktoria 18 Dec.

@FXRabbit What a great idea!))

MarySHI avatar
MarySHI 19 Dec.

Доброго времени суток.Я впервые учасвствую в этом прекрасном конкурсе.Я мама троих замечательных детей.У меня 2 мальчика и доченька.Сегодня нарядила елку).Старшие дети придут со школы и будут приятно удивлены,а младший уже оценил с таким восторгом!!!Теперь сидим и пишем письмо деду Морозу ,заказывая подарки))).Каждый новый год я пеку новые торты,поэтому сейчас я выбираю рецеты))).Наши друзья очень любят приезжать в новый год ,так как помимо салатов и горячих блюд я готовлю шикарные дессерты:торты,пироженые,желе,суфле и т.д.Я люблю этот волшебный праздник,который всегда дает надежду на будущее.

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The winner of Miss Dukascopy 2017

Congratulations to the Next Miss Dukascopy!
This Friday in Geneva the guests of Geneva Forex Event during the final voting chose from the Top-10 participants the next Miss Dukascopy 2017!
The winner’s name is Miss June, Galina Mirgaeva.
Galina graduated from the Perm Humanitarian and technical University while continuing her role as a top model. Active fashion and modeling, she has been featured by many major brands. She is sport addicted and always up to travel and explore.
On December Galina …
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anna_n avatar
anna_n 21 Nov.

С нетерпением жду видео из Женевы с шоппинга!!!

ireen1386 avatar
ireen1386 21 Nov.

Ну хороша же! Мои поздравления!!!

RahmanSL avatar
RahmanSL 24 Nov.

I don't know where to post this:

There seems to have been some kind of nerve attack because quite a numbers of Ms Dukas participants have been smearing lipstick all over their face :p

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Become the Miss of the Month!

Jan 2017

10 Misses
every month
to October

Oct 2017

Nov 2017

Dec 2017


1st place
trip to Geneva!

1 Month = 1 Miss


2nd place

$ 900 money prize


3rd place

$ 800 money prize


4th place

$ 700 money prize


5th place

$ 600 money prize


6th-10th place

$ 500 money prize

Final voting

Grand Ceremony

Miss Dukascopy Prizes

Lingerie for USD 10 000

La Perla embodies those ideals of sensuality and preciousness that have made the company one of a kind since it was established. As well as being present in the best department stores and specialized shops, La Perla sells its collections through a selected network of flagship boutiques and shops in shop which are located at the heart of the most important fashion streets of the world. It offers a wide array of collections for women and men that range from lingerie to nightwear, from beachwear to loungewear and hosiery, dedicated to a refined target who aims at expressing and underlining his style in a self-confident, sophisticated and elegant way.

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Dress worth USD 10 000

Visionary and revolutionary couturier, Pierre Cardin explores the universe of Fashion since the past 60 years without changing his philosophy : "Talent and taste are both not enough, only style matters". Such a spirit has shaped Pierre Cardin into the Fashion's most unique and inevitable player.

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5-night hotel stay worth over $110 000

The winner of Miss Dukascopy 2017 will be awarded with a 5-night hotel stay worth over $110 000 in the Royal Armleder Suite at the Le Richemond Hotel in Geneva, Switzerland.The luxury hotel stands out for its breathtaking views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. This suite is only for kings, presidents, sheikh and...for Miss Dukascopy 2017!Our future Miss Dukascopy 2017 will enjoy the finest suite in the luxury hotel, where she can view some of the most remarkable scenery Geneva has to offer from her private terrace

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Jewelry for USD 19 000

Jewelry by Benoit de Gorski adds a beautiful touch to a feminine look for the special moments. Benoit de Gorski is always an eye-catching piece of jewelry that compliments your look and accentuates your best features. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches with gems: diamond, tanzanite, ruby, emerald. In “Benoit de Gorski” you can find the perfect piece of jewelry for your soul.

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Outerwear by Nobis for USD 3 500

Nobis is a new class of luxury outerwear. It creates the finest items, always carefully considering materials, practices and facilities. Classic fitted silhouettes are reinterpreted as performance outerwear, always designed for global movement and unpredictable weather. Material innovations with cotton, nylon, leather, and wool also contribute to versatile pieces that afford you the luxury of going anywhere. With Nobis, never sacrifice style for functionality.

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Underwear, legwear & beachwear for USD 1000

Intimissimi/Calzedonia Group has a rich and fruitful history. The brand has become the market leader in underwear in Europe since its creation in 1996. Intimissimi lingerie realizes the every woman’s daily dream. A simple but refined style, aloof from excess and aggressiveness. The winning combination of high-quality products, romance and imagination has won loyal custom all over the world. The brand's collections offer an innovative natural look; an approach that is more subtle and receptive to modern needs. The absolutely competitive quality/price ratio joined to an accurate design and style research, to the use of well-advanced material and fabrics for collections which anticipate tastes and trends.

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Dress for USD 1500

Maison D'ANGELANN brand was founded in 2014 by Anna Chibisova and Angelika Svyatash.These two best friends share a love for art and fashion, with an interest for beautiful and unique products, this brought them to create refined and elegant outfits, to be loved by women and that will draw the attention of men. The brand Maison D'ANGELANN can be seen today in several cities around the world, with boutiques opening and more showrooms to come. Of course, Anna and Angelika are not stopping here, they continue to create and develop new ideas.

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Dress for USD 1000

Malina Fashion is a mix of feminine, classy and determined women, with a vividly colored and perfectly recognizable collection. As the designer Olga Prosvetova puts it: "We aim for each girl to look luxurious in design pieces from Malina Fashion at any important event in her life."

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Belts & bags by Doketti for USD 5500

DOKETTI collections are made up of leather belts and buckles gathered here and there, following the inspiration of designers. All the items sold by DOKETTI are "originals", imprinted with the respective culture of their creators.DOKETTI is as much an art gallery as it is a shop, where one can find imaginative belts and leather goods such as bags, made by artists who help the collective original dream.

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Exclusive Unique Dress for USD 7000

Wael Jabbour Couture is a unique fashion line specializing in exceptional custom-made creations. “Fashion is an expression” so we delicately create a fusion between a woman’s desire and our vision. With this equation we successfully reveal her unique fashion identity while wearing one of our creations.

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Long Dress+ accessory for USD 10 000

Specialty Couture, made in Paris, woven and embroidered in Switzerland. Minimalistic Extravagance, Dada. “Fanny Poletti lives, loves, dreams and is fashion. A form of release. Be yourself and dress with extravagance. Mix up genres and styles at the edge between genders like Coco and Yves used to wandering on red carpets. Reach Absolute beauty and liberation. Fear not, just be.

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Ring for USD 9000

From the art world to fine jewelry. Made in Switzerland. Caspita is an exclamation of a thousand colours, a name chosen by Arlène Bonnant to launch her line of fine jewellery. Caspita, in Italian, expresses admiration, joy, surprise - literally "my goodness". This mysterious and colourful word came to the designer while reminiscing about her grandfather, who often used this expression of surprise in her presence. This spirited word helped to create a bond between them; in much the same way as a jewel can unite two people.

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Hair Styling for USD 2000

Multi-award winning hairdressing brand with more than 50 years of experience in education, superior client service and haircare expertise.

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Shopping for USD 14 000

Shirò is a rare lizard, a talisman of ancient African tribes and also the foundation of a luxury brand owned by the Calestrini family. According to legend; whoever finds a Shirò will be lucky for the rest of their lives – a belief held dear to the Calestrini family who since 1852 to the beginning of the ‘70s owned a crocodile breeding ground and facilities in Eritrea and Europe. The family now works in the world of fashion - combining their knowledge with the exclusivity of rare materials such as crocodile, ostrich and mink. In October 2003, Shirò debuted in the Milano Moda Donna calendar with the S/S 2004 collection. The brand has since grown with boutiques in Asia and a flagstore in Russia. In September 2014, Shirò opened a second flagship store in Genève at the Kempinski Hotel - and still the journey continues.

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Dress for USD 10 000

It is a luxury boutique for women, created with heart in 1985 by Arlette Rutishauser. Years of complicity and harmony during which Arlette Rutishauser has offered to propose to customers a passionate and innovative approach of fashion. Daring, elegance, glamor, the great names of designers from France, Italy, but also new talents on the international scene of fashion. Arel Forever offers a fashion for every woman.

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Clothing worth USD 1000

Adori offers a feminine line of chic yet comfortable ready to wear outfits, giving that effortless "je ne sais quoi" look. The Adori spirit is a feminine silhouette with modern lines. Beautiful, handpicked fabrics are the signature of Adori's creations. Being passionate about women's beauty, Adori believes every woman is unique! All their creations are limited edition.

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Clothing worth USD 1500

Maria Cao's designs are inspired by nature and her ancestor's town Lanzarote, which she considers her best teacher. Maria specialises in hand-painting and dyeing techniques. She attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Geneva, Switzerland and worked as a model for several years in Madrid. Her style is full of seduction in the pure authenticity of her vision. She combines the force of the life elements, colours, textures and shapes of exquisite femininity. Her goal is to continue creating without ceasing.

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Lingerie and swimwear for USD 1 500

Luxury French Aubade lingerie and swimwear is the fruit of a delicate alchemy between quality, a long corset-making experience and constant research into new materials, shapes and colours. Aubade's knowledge of fashion and long-standing passion for women and their power of seduction leads straight to Aubade's heart - the creation of sensual, beautiful and glamorous lingerie.

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Shopping for USD 10 000

Sleek and sensual. Fashion houses have long been seduced by fur and leather when designing looks to make winter wardrobes wondrous. Famous luxury brand Noel Fourrures, founded in Geneva in 1959, continues to rely on a professional and experienced team to turn fashion dreams into reality. With a variety of patterns at his finger tips, Daniel Rizzato finds the perfect ensemble to complement any shape. Our team offers a warm welcome to discuss and create your fashion future – perhaps to start or add to your luxury collection or even to restore a much loved item.

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Music video with Markus Riva worth $25 000

Miss Dukascopy 2017 will feature in a music video with the talented Markus Riva. This video will be shown on multiple international TV channels, Youtube and various high-profile social media accounts. Markus Riva is not only a stylish and popular musician but also a songwriter, producer, DJ and TV & radio host. At the end of 2014 Markus Riva was one of the finalists of the prime-time TV show “I Want to Work with Meladze” where he was praised by expert judges on the panel. With his skills and natural beauty, he is known as the heart break kid to millions of girls from Russia, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other countries.

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Shopping for USD 10 000

As one of the world’s leading luxury womenswear brands, Escada stands for modern elegance, cool glamour, and sensual femininity. The brand, founded in 1978 by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley, provides a distinct sense of refined quality, workmanship, and excellent fit and is characterized by color, print, and the love for detail. Under the two product lines ESCADA and ESCADA SPORT the brand offers its customers a lifestyle concept for dressing, filled with everything from must-have daywear for business and leisure to glamorous eveningwear.

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Perfume for $750

Fragrance Du Bois is a niche luxury perfume house born from the richest essences of nature, and crafted by fifth generation perfumers from the 17th Century French tradition of Grasse. Fragrance Du Bois will transport you to yesteryear, invoking long lost memories, fleeting feelings, and bursts of joy.

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Watch for USD 14 500

Each Le Rhöne watch is first and foremost the product of the best Swiss artisanal workshops in the utmost respect of watchmaking tradition. The combination of precision craftsmanship know-how with the two founders’ – Loïc Florentin et Timo Rajakoski – original approach to watchmaking, creates the essence of Le Rhöne timepieces: the highest quality standards with a touch of modernity and audacity.

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Luxury accommodation, bottle of champagne, wine cellars in Paris for USD 7 500

The fruit of the association between the Fine Cellar department of the Arthur's group, active since 1977, and Vins et Privilèges, born in 2000 within the group of Michel Reybier, Arthur's Cellar International builds privileged relationships with many castles and winegrowers to benefit its customers a unique selection of big and small names, ranging from rare and prestigious wine to beautiful discovery. Miss Dukascopy2017 will get from Arthur's Cellar 1 bottle of champagne, dinner in a luxury restaurant, accommodation in a hotel, visit wine cellars in France.

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Philip Morris International
will present USD 8000
to the winner of Miss Dukascopy 2017

Philip Morris International (PMI) is the world's leading international tobacco company, with six of the world's top 15 international brands and products sold in more than 180 markets.
We are very proud that from now the name of this big company is among our sponsors!
Philip Morris International will present 8000$ to the winner of Miss Dukascopy 2017 for shopping.

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Shopping for USD 5000

GUESS was established in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, who left the south of France in pursuit of the American dream. Inspired by a European influence, the Marcianos redefined denim. One of their initial designs was a stonewashed, slim-fitting jean, the 3-zip Marilyn. GUESS quickly became a symbol of a young, sexy and adventurous lifestyle. Today GUESS is a truly global lifestyle brand with a full range of denim, apparel and accessories offered in over 80 countries around the world.

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Lunch & dinner for USD 3000

Since opening in 1999, Patara became a leading reference in Thai gastronomy and has long been one of the go-to addresses in Geneva. This Mecca of culinary refinement is the Geneva ambassador of one of the finest tables in Bangkok.

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Lunch & dinner for USD 3500

Le Baroque Restaurant offers a host of marvellous features to discover, such as a conservatory, a party space, a more relaxed area, and even an outdoor terrace. And don’t forget Cosette, the exclusive nightclub designed using beautiful materials including wrought iron, wall-hangings, leather, wood and mirrors. Whether Arabian, Asian, European or Latin American, a number of inspirations are blended with mastery and daring – in keeping with the restaurant’s irresistible cuisine.

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