The Big Day

We wanted to begin with "What girl doesn't dream about a perfect wedding and a beautiful white wedding dress?" But in reality, views and traditions are changing fast and we admit that today's women may have a different idea about a wedding and whether they need it at all or not.

Yet still... Let's imagine a perfect situation: a man of your dreams is madly in love with you. He bends down on his knee and proposes to you. Of course, you say "YES!"

Now it's time to plan a wedding! Imagine you have a limitless budget, let your imagination run wild and share your ideas on how you would run your wedding party, what dress would you choose and how would you tie the knot.

If you are already married,
you may just share your experience, mention what you liked about it and what you would have changed.

If you really hate the idea of a wedding, just imagine you are a wedding planner and your job is to plan a wedding for your sister or lovely friend Do your best to create a dream wedding for them!
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