Once Upon a Time...

I still remember my old, shabby book of fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. My mother and my aunt both used to have it, and so I read it to rags, too. "The Snow-White and Rose-Red", "Hansel and Gretel", "Seven Ravens". Just look at those illustrations! I still remember all of them:

When I grew up I learned that the real fairy tales are more like thrillers or horror movies. Like, in the traditional German versions of the "Little red riding hood" a hunter cuts open the sleeping wolf with an axe! An then the wolf's body is filled with heavy stones. Great story for kids, huh?

Later I learned theories that the tales you've read in the childhood may shape our lives! So if you enjoyed reading, let's say "The little Mermaid", you may be prone to sacrificing your life to a man or to other things you just don't belong to. Because that's what the mermaid did - she let go of her family and the underwater kingdom, gave away her beautiful voice to a witch and tried to win the heart of the Prince who didn't love her. The real story ends with a suicide, not a marriage. (Oops!)

We would like to know what fairy tales shaped YOU! Do you remember who was your favorite character when you were little? What was the book you could be glued to for HOURS? Do you think those characters and stories had any influence on your life, dreams, decisions?

Can't wait to hear your stories
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