Fashion is my passion!

Cliches are so yesterday! Today's fashion allows us to wear anything and everything as long as it's tasteful and stylish: an exquisite dress with sneakers, a pencil skirt with sweatshirt, beanie cap with a veil or heels with boyfriend jeans. The world of fashion is full of contrasts and impossible combinations! Create 2 (two) ultra-fashionable looks, combine the impossible, show your creative side, take a different approach and be bold! You can take a photo of your work or create a video.
Get up to 50 points for this Task.
Upload the photos on Instagram Story and tag Miss Dukascopy to get 10 additional points for this task! Add screen shots with your Stories in the comments under this task.
As always, the amount of task points you receive is not necessarily maximum and represents the subjective opinion of the cheerleader group. Best of luck!

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