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13 Answers Feb 2018: Task 3 (50 points max.)

Gannochka Posted 12 Feb.

How about drinks, dinner, a movie...

St Valentine's Day is coming and our task will be connected with this holiday. February, 14 - the most suitable day in the year to arrange a romantic dinner with candles - for yourself and your beloved person (or just for relatives or friend). The main thing is to take the initiative into your own hands and arrange a real holiday! Store up candles, choose music, choose a beautiful outfit and come up with a menu.
Share your photos or videos from the festive evening and the story how and with whom you spent Valentine's Day The most interesting and creative answer will get a surprise.
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dannakm 10 hours ago


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27 Answers Feb 2018: Task 2 (50 points max.)

Vicktoria Posted 5 Feb.

All world in women's bag

What do you carry in your bag? What’s the most surprising thing you keep?
Show us the items you simply can’t live without!
Tell us how your occupation, lifestyle, taste & style preferences influence on the content of your bag? Describe what kind of bag (clutch, backpack or maybe envelope) do you prefer to use in your daily life?
You can add a video or an in-my-bag photo.
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Stasy_ 15 Feb.

Так странно, до сих пор баллы за задание не начислили

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35 Answers Feb 2018: Task 1 (50 points max.)

Vicktoria Posted 1 Feb.

Personal stylist

The question "What to wear?" Is one of the questions that every woman asks herself every morning. And it is all because every woman wants to be beautiful, love herself and be self-confident. We, ladies, know that a beautiful outfit, properly chosen makeup and hair styling give us that amazing feeling of self-confidence and that we can get everything we want.
We think you already know what our task will be about.
You have to choose a perfect l look for:
  • interview
  • party
  • meeting with your boyfriend's parents
  • your own event

Don't forget to add photos or video of your looks!
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Sebine 16 Feb.

А можно вопрос , всё так красиво описала , с юмором и 40 баллов:(

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36 Answers Jan 2018: Task 4 (50 points max.)

Vicktoria Posted 22 Jan.

Beauty Blogger

Nowadays everyone wants to become a successful blogger. But it is not just about smiling into the camera, you have to breathe and live your blog, you have to provide unique content and become familiar with your topic.
Miss Dukascopy believes that we have a lot of talented ladies, that is why we want to become your mentor and motivate you to start your blogging career.
This week let’s try to make a beauty vlog. Make a short video where you are telling about your favorite beauty product. It could your best mascara, red lipstick or even shampoo. Turn on your imagination, be creative and have fun!
The most interesting video will be upload on Miss Dukascopy Youtube channel.
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Выполнила, наконец-то))

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96 Answers Jan 2018: Task 3 (50 points max.)

Vicktoria Posted 15 Jan.

Playlist of my life

Music is one of the most important and powerful things in our life. Different tunes help us to de-stress, relax and they can also motivate us even in difficult times.
We can travel in time with music, it helps us to relive happy moments, remember our feelings and people.
Let’s make a playlist of your life! List 5 favorite songs that you associate with traveling, friends, your school years or first love. Write a name of the song and describe why it is so important for you.
You can also add some photos or video of these You can also add some photos or video of these music moments.
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IrKosm 9 Feb.

миссия выполнена)

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110 Answers Jan 2018: Task 2 (50 points max.)

Vicktoria Posted 8 Jan.

My perfect gift

The greatest gift is not found in the store but in the heart of your beloved.
Every year we have so much holidays, so many gifts from friends, relatives, colleagues… but only a few of all received presents will stay in our mind and in our heart for all life.This week let’s talk about your perfect gift. What’s the best gift you’ve ever given or received — whether tangible or intangible? Why? Was it a puppy from your parents in childhood or maybe a new shiny smartphone from your boyfriend?
Write about your perfect gift, describe why it is so special for you and don't forget to add some photos or video to make your blog more interesting.
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Anita_74 13 Feb.


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141 Answers Jan 2018: Task 1 (50 points max.)

ekaterina_borovyk1707 Posted 27 Dec.


Ladies, we are starting 2018 with a bang as we have a brand-new Miss Dukascopy contest!
So for the first Task we would like you to play a fun game where we can learn more about each other.
List 10 facts about yourself, it can be anything you experienced, anything you like/dislike, whatever you want as long as it's about yourself. 8 of your statements should be true and 2 should be a lie. Community members have to guess which one is the lie.
All contestants who will complete this task, will also get a Dukascopy 2018 calendar with all finalists of Miss Dukascopy contest.
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