Live FX Trader Contest results (25th week)

Posted 05 Apr. 2019  in #Live Trader
Dear traders,

llolor from Zimbabwe has achieved the maximum possible points in both nominations having showed impressive 778.9% of profitability and 3.6 million USD of traded volume. Thus, the main cash prize of 500 USD goes to him being an excellent reward for his remarkable trading achievement.

olegik and PrinceChoco have finished on the fourth and fifth places with 90 and 88 earned points respectively. However, due to detected Rules violation by two other contest participants (iii.a clause of Fair play rules) who were consequently disqualified from the previous week’s results, olegik and PrinceChoco as well as other 17 participants were shifted two places up.

We hope this is the first and the last case when we are forced to disqualify participants as contest trading activity is being monitored regularly to prevent Rules abusing.

Meanwhile the prizes have been credited and we wish you a wonderful weekend ahead.

Community Support team
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