General questions
Q: What is the Dukascopy FX Article Contest?
Answer: Dukascopy FX Article contest is a unique competition elaborated for participants simultaneously passionate about Forex and writing about it. Unlike other contests held by Dukascopy, the article contest does not presuppose the conduction of trading activities of any kind or coding strategies. In contrary, the concept of the contest is built around the text content. Any article or publication dedicated to the subject of FOREX is a candidate for participation.
Q: What are the requirements for participating in this contest?
Answer: To participate you should
a)be at least 18 years old;
b)register with the Dukascopy Forex Community and apply for the Contest;
c)submit at least 1 FOREX- related article, composed in English, comprising of 400 to 1500 words.
For more detailed info, please read the <a href=""/fxcomm/article-contest/? action=rules"">rules
Q: What should I write about?
Answer: The simple answer is FOREX. The article can be technical - you can write about your tradingsystems, strategies, methods, techniques, tips, secrets, etc. It can be analytical - you might haveyour own opinion about the world economy and how the fundamental factors influence thecurrency exchange rates. There is also a wide variety of other topics that are closely related to FX -risk management, trading psychology, your own experience, even humor.
Q: What materials can I use for the Article?
Answer: You can use graphical materials, such as images /videos and quotes. Dukascopy will offer you handyinteractive embeddable elements; thus you can embed deals from the Trading and StrategyContests to illustrate your thoughts as well as the rankcharts. You can upload snapshots of yourtrading platform (one of Dukascopy products) or even a YouTube video, if it is necessary to give abetter idea about what your text is.

Should you want to quote some other sources, please format the quote accordingly (italic font,quotation marks around the phrase) and put the source in brackets.
For example: "European stocks are expected to start higher Tuesday" (Dukascopy Forex Overview, June 28, 2011)
Q: How many articles may I submit?
Answer: You may submit up to 1 article per week.
Q: What happens if the Contest Period is extended?
Answer: This means that all the current Participants are automatically registered for the participation in theContest for the next month, keeping their popularity and views points. These participants will be stillallowed to submit more articles (1 per week), but just 4 (or less, if less have been submitted) best-performing articles will be used to determine the final rank.
Q: How are the ranks calculated?

The ranking of the submitted articles is determined based on 3 factors that may totally give a maximum of 300 points:

  1. Views - Summary of articles' number of views. Maximum 100 points, up to 4 articles. 10 external views have the same weight as 1 view of a registered DFC user.
  2. Popularity - Summary of articles' and participant's popularity. Maximum 100 points, up to 4 articles. Popularity is measured as follows:
    • Numbers of unique IP visits to the profile page - 20%, 10 external views have the same weight as 1 view of a registered DFC user.
    • Number of comments made to the Contest articles - 40%
    • Number of votes for the Contest articles - 40%
  3. Dukascopy - Expert's opinions of the most popular article submitted by the Participant for the Contest period. Top 20 Author's articles chosen by criteria 1 and 2 will be evaluated by the Dukascopy committee. Maximum 100 points
Q: What should I do if I noticed somebody is cheating?
Answer: Case if you noticed some fraud, such as copyright infringement, please file the complaint form whichcan be launched with pressing the respectful button under each article. Add some additionalcomments in the text field so that it is clear what rule was violated.