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Trader Contest results for November are announced

Trader Posted 08 Dec 2014


November Trader contest has ended and the results are ready.
We have to admit that this month was very competitive: first 3 traders finished with only 1 point difference between each other. llolor from Zimbabwe scored 239 points and took the first place. pawansansanwal and clau finished second and third with 238 and 237 points respectively. Congratulations!
We also want to remind you that December is the last month when you can get the prizes you won prior to September 1st 2014 with the old turnover ratio (0.5 million USD per 100 USD won). Starting from January 1st 2015, we will consider all the outstanding and unpaid prizes subject to the turnover of 1.5 million USD per 100 USD won.
That is all for now. All the best!

Community team

Trader Contest results for October are announced

Trader Posted 11 Nov 2014

Hi traders,

the 47th month of Trader Contest has ended and we are ready to announce the winners for October.
The first place (as well as the “Trader of the month” title) was taken by only_number_one from Moldova. He has ended the month with the 1 million USD equity which brought him 200 points out of 254 scored.
Bimlesh from India showed fourth result in Performance nomination and took the second place. He was also popular amongst LIVE signal copiers who copied 0.9 million USD of traded volume.
The third place goes to Airmike from Slovakia – the biggest critic of Trader contest rules ever. Despite his criticism of LIVE Subscribers nomination, he finished first in it with 5.6 million of copied trading volume.
Congratulations and we are waiting for your webinars!
Angkchun will not find himself among the winners because he was removed from October winners list due to lack of conducted trades during the contest month. In September there were 3 such users.
That is all for now! Wish you all the best in the current month.

Community team

Trader Contest results for September are announced

Trader Posted 09 Oct 2014

Hi traders,

It is time to close the September Trader contest and to announce the next 20 winners. Here they are!
OneGoodTrade who took the second place in the Performance nomination scored 253 points in total and won the contest in September. Congratulations!

The other 2 participants zumba and marius24 scored 236 points both and shared the second and third place. Skif who took the Trader of the Year title in Jul-Sept 2014 finished in the fourth position. He was also very popular among LIVE and DEMO signal subscribers who made 6.4 and 3.572 mln. USD of copied turnover respectfully and brought him additional 22 points in both nominations out of 25 possible.

rahulkghosh finished the month on the 10 position even though he was first in Performance nomination, and he was a bit disappointed by this fact. For those who cannot trade using conditional orders we want to remind that there is another contest with mid- and long-term nominations. It is Signal Provider Grand Prix contest. The only criterion taken into account here is your performance. The biggest your cumulative PnL is, the higher you are in the ranking. Now take a look at 6-month nomination of the Grand Prix contest and do not complain you cannot win here because Dukascopy limits your style of trading. Moreover you can be a winner in both nominations at once. So 3 more months of profitable trading will show us who is the next Trader of the Year.

A couple of words about conditional orders: please keep in mind that your trades can be copied by other subscribers including LIVE subscribers. Using conditional orders you decrease or even eliminate at all the risk of negative slippage for you and your subscribers. Respect your subscribers and they will thank you bringing few additional points.

That is all for now. Good luck in October!


DFC team

Prizes and turnover requirements

Strategy Trader FX Article Contest Dream Love My Gifted Child Miss Dukascopy 2014 Technical Analysis Fundamental analysis Social Trading Dukascopy Poker Signal Provider Binary Trader of the year Extreme Posted 26 Sep 2014

Dear Community members,

To avoid any misunderstandings and extra difficulties with paying out the contest prizes, we do kindly suggest you to request the prizes you won prior to September 1st 2014 until the end of 2014.

Starting from January 1st 2015, we will consider all the outstanding and unpaid prizes subject to the turnover of 1.5 million USD per 100 USD won.


DFC team

Trader Contest results for August are announced.

Trader Posted 17 Sep 2014

Hi traders,

We have checked the list of August Trader contest winners and are ready to announce it officially.

The first place and prize of 5,000 USD goes to Meerak who finished the month with 274 points. His outstanding performance caught attention of DEMO signal subscribers and resulted in 2.99 billion USD of copied volume. Congratulations!
JulianF finished month 49 points behind Meerak and got the second place. We guess it is an excellent result for someone who joined contest only 2 months ago. Keep going!
The third place and prize 2,500 USD goes to mohands_moslim who finished second in “Perfomance” nomination. August 2014 was the 35th month of participation for him and the most profitable in terms of prizes won.

That is all for now. We congratulate all the winners of August Trader contest and want to say “thank you” to all the participants. We also hope you enjoy new Trader contest rules. In case if not please let us know sending email at

DFC team

Minimum turnover requirements

Signal Provider Trader Strategy FX Article Contest Dream Love Miss Dukascopy 2014 Fundamental analysis Social Trading My Gifted Child Technical Analysis Dukascopy Poker Binary Trader of the year Extreme Posted 29 Aug 2014

Dear DFC participants,

You have obviously noticed that during this year Dukascopy has been committed to extending the range of the contests and increasing their prize funds. All the activity of the team was driven towards making the Community more and more exciting, appealing and challenging. These efforts coincided with yet another half-year of decreasing spreads that ensured Dukascopy Bank remaining amongst the market leaders by that factor.

In order to maintain the balance between the increasing prize fund and the improving trading conditions Dukascopy has taken the decision to increase the minimum turnover requirements for withdrawing the prize funds to 1.5 million USD for every 100 USD won in the contests.

Changes will be effective for new contest periods.

DFC team

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