Trader Contest

Trader Contest results for July are announced.

Trader Posted 20 Aug 2014

Hi traders,

It is time to close July Trader contest and to announce its final results. This month was very competitive and participants finished very close to each other.

CD1V1 who finished seventh in June managed to end July in the first position with 235 points. Iktorn, the user who took the second place, got only 4 points less. The secret of CD1V1 success is his popularity among the signal subscribers from the Social trading contest. They brought him 24 points when iktorn got only 3 points. At the same time, this popularity comes from his outstanding performance: for all 6 months of participation he ended in the green zone. Probably he is most probable candidate for Trader of the Year nomination which will be announced in 1.5 months. Congratulations! …But it is still too early to relax!

Our TV team released Community Stars #31 video where you can find interview with CD1V1 as well as rokasltu, the participant who finished third. The video can be found right below this text in the “Contest videos” section.

Trader contest rules revision is finished and it was decided to remove few contest restrictions and substantially ease some limitations. Signal subscribers nomination will be also modified to reflect recent changes in the Signal trading service. The exact changes will be provided just before the September Trader contest starts.

That is all for now! All the best in August and stay tuned!

DFC team

My Finances

Trader Posted 16 July 2014

We're rolling out a new My Finances section in your profile. It will allow you to transfer prizes won in contests to your Live account. For more info, please read the CommunitySupport blog post.

Trader Contest results for June are announced.

Trader Posted 08 July 2014

Hi traders,

Here is the list of winners in June Trader contest. Check it out!
We are very pleased to see that there are ladies among the top-3 winners. Congratulations to P3tr4 from Nigeria and thank you for your easy-to-read and funny posts. Hope your strategy will bring you profit in the next few months as well and we will see you on in the first position soon.

The 3 points separating P3tr4 from the second place were taken by Lexuski from Ukraine. He ignored blog posting in May and took fourth position, not getting into the Top-3. Conclusions were made and 28 blog posts helped him finish second in June. Despite his posts being written in Russian you can easily translate them using the built-in translator to read his market view.

Another representative of Ukraine – Sharpshooter – has taken the first position, scoring 290 points in total. This is his first and only win and we hope not the last one. To win more prizes try our other contests: Strategy, Social, Article, Binary option, Poker contests are waiting!


DFC team

Trader Contest results for May are announced

Trader Posted 17 June 2014

Hi traders,

We are glad to announce another set of winners. Here they are!
The battle for the first place started in the second part on May between ahmach1 and iktorn. Two times iktorn was first but ahmach1 managed to finish with the biggest equity and overtook him.
Lexuski was third and probably would win but Lencoeur got his 22 Blog points at the very end of the month and shifted Lexuski one position down. Only 5 points divided them, and we see the lesson was learned – starting from this month, Lexuski has begun posting his trading ideas on Trader’s blog.
That is all for now. Good luck in June!

DFC team

Regarding US participants

Trader Posted 03 June 2014

Unfortunately, the contest prizes won by the U.S. citizens currently cannot be paid out. We are looking for a new partnership in the US market and we will inform clients once a new partnership will become available.The U.S. clients should accumulate their bonuses until we will come up with a new solution. 

Trader Contest results for April are announced.

Trader Posted 14 May 2014

Hi traders,

It is time to close the April Trader contest and announce the winners. Here they are!
ZaraMarian was very close to win the contest but INFINITEisTHElimit managed to overtake him. He took the maximum points in 3 out of 4 nominations and finished the month with 302 points (the maximum is 305 points). Amazing performance!
The March winner Airmike also showed good performance in April and took the third place as well as 2500 USD. In total, participation in Trader contest brings him 12600 USD. Not a bad stimulus to take part in the contest, right?
User Proktolog was disqualified from the final standings because he stated fake name and surname in his profile. He was substituted by user greennjk and it will be the first
won prize for him.
Trader’s blog got a new feature. Now useful and interesting posts will be nailed to the top of the blog to be visible for all participants.
That is all about April and we wish all of you good luck in May!

DFC team

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