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Online media license of Dukascopy TV

Dukascopy TV has received a license of Federal Office of Communications from Swiss state regulator OFCOM. As such, Dukascopy TV is now officially recognized as a Swiss Financial Television channel:

Launched back in 2008 as an online financial & analytics TV site, DukascopyTV has developed rapidly ever since and now boasts an audience of 2.5 million unique viewers per month.

DukascopyTV continues to build on its success through a team of 55 professionals who conduct daily broadcasts, programmes and interviews (1.5 hour video content or 20+ video products) in 7 languages (English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese) with some of the biggest names in the financial and media industry across the globe. We are very proud of the high quality cooperation we have made with our guests and partners.
Regarding the progress of the project, Mr. Duka, General Producer of Dukascopy TV said:
“We currently have TV studios in different offices of the Dukascopy Group in Geneva, Riga, Kiev and remote broadcasting from Sydney, Sao Paolo, Madrid, Moscow and London.
Our next target is to strengthen our media presence in Asia by developing broadcasting from Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Due to Dukascopy Group's entrance in Japanese market by buying Alpari Japan, we are working on launching TV broadcasting in Japanese with the help of our new office in Tokyo.
Dukascopy TV is about money, how to make money, about those who know how to make money, about those who know how to spend money effectively and with style, about successful personalities, successful brands, financial ups and downs.
I would like to congratulate my friends, partners and colleagues from the TV Department with this significant recognition and wish them all prosperity, creative successes and unlimited inspiration!”

As we celebrate this landmark achievement, Dukascopy TV wishes to thank all of those who have helped to create content and develop our project. Unfortunately, we cannot outline each and every individual creative contribution as there are a lot of them. However, we allow ourselves to personally express our gratitude to at least a few of TV-show co-authors.
  1. Luzius Wasescha, President of Club Diplomatique de Geneve and former representative of Switzerland to the World Trade Organisation
  2. Nicola Tomatis, CEO, BlueBotics SA
  3. Francois Savary, CIO, Reyl & Cie SA
  4. Jacques Sapir, Writer, economist. Paris, France
  5. Cédric Roland – Gosselin, CEO, Petercam Banque Privée
  6. Francois Oesch, CIO, Banque Heritage SA
  7. Francois Nordhof, Global CIO & Head of Portfolio Management, BCP Bank
  8. Edward Karr, Former President of American International Club in Geneva, Founder of RAM Partners SA
  9. Mario Geniale, CIO, Banque CIC
  10. Dirk Forrister, President and CEO, International Emissions Trading Association
  11. Roberto Falzoni, President, Dukre Asset Management
  12. Edouard Crestin Billet, Senior Partner, 1875 Finance
  13. Abdallah Chatila, CEO, Abdallah Chatila SA
  14. Kaisa Hietala, Vice President Renewable Fuels, Neste Oil Company
  15. Marco A Northland, CEO, Etrion Corporation
  16. Ali Benouari, EcoFinance Owner and Algeria President Candidate 2014.
  17. Prettre Herve, Director, Credit Suisse
  18. Pascal Widmer, CEO, Banque Cramer
  19. Amir Adnani, Founder and CEO, Uranium Energy Corp.
  20. Phillip Watson, CIO, Mirabaud Banque
  21. Ryan Nettles, Director, Head of FX, Swissquote
  22. Serge Aebischer, CEO, Franc Vila
  23. Alfonso Tasso, CEO, Swisscom Hospitality
  24. Sheikh Salman Bin Abdullah Bin Saedan, Chairman, Salman Bin Abdullah Bin Saedan Real Estate Group
  25. Eric Vanraes, Head of Fixed-Income, Banque Baring Brothers Sturdza
  26. Caroline Lang, Co-chair, Sotheby`s Switzerland
  27. Leonid Kravchuk, Former President of Ukraine
  28. Boris Nemtsov, Former Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
  29. Yuriy Yekhanurov, Former Prime Minister of Ukraine
  30. Valeria Gontareva, Head of the National Bank of Ukraine.
  31. Oleg Tkachenko, CEO, Ukrainian Stock Market
  32. Pavel Tepluhin, CEO, Deutsche Bank Russia
  33. Jurii Skachkov, CEO, Hitachi Russia and CIS
  34. Kaha Bendukidze, Former Minister of Economy of Georgia
  35. Dr. Otmar Issing, Former Chief Economist and Member of the Board of the ECB
  36. Jon Matonis, Founding Director, Bitcoin Foundation
  37. Laimdota Straujuma, Former Prime Minister of Latvia
  38. Aivars Lembergs, Latvian politician and businessman
  39. Janis Vanags, Vice-president, AirBaltic
  40. Raimonds Pauls, Latvian composer and piano player, Former Minister of Culture of Latvia
  41. Artis Pabriks, Former Minister for Defense of Latvia, Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Latvia
  42. Andris Berzins, Former President of Latvia
  43. Athanasios Vamvakidis, Chief FX Strategiest, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch
  44. Alexandra Estio, Senior Economist, BNP Paribas
  45. Robert Bergqvist, Chief Economist, SEB
  46. Pasi Kuoppamaki, Chief Economist, Danske Bank
  47. David Wilson, Director, Citigroup
  48. Giles Moec, Chief European Econimist, Deutsche Bank
  49. Magnus Billing, Senior Vice President, Nasdaq
  50. Antonio Delfim Neto, Former Minister of Finance of Brazil.
  51. Raimonds Vejonis, President of Latvia
  52. Ken Seagal, Founder of iMac.
  53. Vladimir Pozner, Journalist, TV-host
  54. Lorenzo Stoll, Head of Western Switzerland, Swiss.
  55. Sean Gilbertson, CEO, Faberge.
  56. Jean-Marc Pontroué, CEO, Roger Dubuis.


Warning: Any Invitee, Participant or Attendee to events/shows/interviews organized by DUKASCOPY Group accept that he/she may be interviewed (even by phone), filmed or shooted during such event by the organisation or anyone authorized by it in/outside its studios.

Invitees, Participants or Attendees agree with the use/duplication/transmission/diffusion/display/posting or other public use of images, photographs, audio files, videos, films, voice records, pictures to the widest extent and through existing channels of communication (TV, Internet, ...) in any applicable manner and for any purposes including commercial by DUKASCOPY Group without any remuneration whatsoever.

Invitees, Participants or Attendees acknowledge and agree that DUKASCOPY Group shall be neither responsible nor liable when such use/duplication/transmission/diffusion/display/posting or other public use of images, photographs, audio files, videos, films, voice records, pictures is duplicated/modified by third parties in particular on internet.
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