Good morning,

Usually, I do my daily technical analysis at the beginning of new day (GMT +3). To write out my blog I am waiting for the morning due to +3H time difference between central Europe timezone

Yesterday was the 1st day of restrictions to Iran forced by USA. Honestly, I usually follow economical events and political actions to check market lows and highs. This time I missed. Probably, I am getting older )

Yesterday we have observed very slow price actions in x/USD and USD/x markets. Even stock markets were so slow.

According to my analysis approach, EURUSD should have a deep around 1.15 level. After that It will continue to sideway until a good story has been known for EUR.

Today's high should be around 1.1630-1.1650 zone.

Have a nice day.
الترجمة الى الانجليزية اظهار الاصلي