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Overnight Policy

CFDs on cryptocurrencies are subject to overnight policy.

Dukascopy Bank's Overnight Policy is aimed at providing highly competitive rollover conditions to its clients in order to underline the Bankís leadership. Dukascopy Bank applies different rollover rates  to ensure that higher trading turnover for a client results in better overnight conditions.

The rollover policy of the client trading accounts is determined dynamically by the trading activity level (Trading Activity). Trading Activity is calculated as the total trading volume on all trading accounts of the client divided by the sum of the trading and overnight volume over the last 30 calendar days.

Trading Activity =  Trading Volume  x 100%
Trading Volume + Overnight Volume

Note: The overnight volume is the sum of rollover open trades. The trading volume is the sum of all executed orders except for rollover trades. 

Trading Activity reflects the traderís tendency to trade intraday more frequently than to keep positions overnight. Trading Activity is recalculated on a daily basis at the settlement time and the rollover policy is defined according to the percentage levels below:

Rollover Policy Required Trading Activity
Premium > 90%
Advanced >20 %
Regular < 20%

Advanced Rollover Policy is used by default in case of the absence of trading statistics over the last 30 days and it is provided as a target level which ensures attractive rollover rates for customers. Meanwhile, traders with a higher trading activity above 90% can benefit from premium swap rates. Clients are able to view the rollover policy applied to their accounts in the report called "Rollovers". For more information about Trading Activity, see the examples below.

Examples of trading activity calculation 

Example 1:
Over the last 30 calendar days, a trader opens 6 positions of 1 million, closes 5 positions the same day, and keeps 1 position overnight.

Opening trade volume
6 000 000
Partial closing trade volume
5 000 000
Rollover open volume for 1 day
1 000 000
Total trading volume
11 000 000
Total trading and overnight volume
12 000 000
Trading Activity: (11 000 000 / 12 000 000) * 100% = 92%
Applicable rollover policy: Premium


Example 2:
Over the last 30 calendar days, a trader opens a position of 1 million and keeps it for 9 days before it is closed.

Opening trade volume
1 000 000
Closing trade volume
1 000 000
Rollover open volume for 9 days
9 000 000
Total trading volume
2 000 000
Total trading and overnight volume
11 000 000
Trading Activity: (2 000 000 / 11 000 000) * 100% = 18%
Applicable rollover policy: Regular


Example 3:
Over the last 30 calendar days, a trader does not have any trading activity.

Opening trade volume
Closing trade volume
Rollover open volume
Total trading volume
Total trading and overnight volume
Trading Activity: 0%
Applicable rollover policy by default: Advanced



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