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The strategy that I use is a strategy drawn up on the basis of the ATR indicator , the strategy is very active in each time frame setting , and exclusively throws positions at each counting time frame . Basically the initial test operation strategy , this strategy has worked only on the indicator ATR and created a certain error in identifying a clear direction or trend reversals , especially with a 5 minute time frame in which it was set . I am testing and combining other indicators scored and additional indicators such as the SMA indicator in combination with bbands shells, thus I set strategy parameters that strategy primarily open positions in the direction of the trend in the medium term , which we thus ensuring better enforcement . Strategy 've configured to run at 15 -minute time frame , considering that it is enough to do basic strategy 20 opening and closing positions in combination with tp 30 or 12 pip stop orders with the option of a tolerance of only a few pips lower than TP during the competitive month , although the strategy can more precisely to work with the time frame of 30 minutes or 1 hour predominantly on live account . The strategy has potential and I think it could be even upgraded to actively work on a live account .

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Wybrany okres: 01.12.2016 - 31.12.2016

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Ranking (punkty): 400 (36)
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Bonuses: 36
Average Profit Trade: 2,84K$
Average Loss Trade: -13652.72$
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Liczba pozycji: 77
Obrócony wolumen: 248,90M$
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Panzer 31 Maj

Anonymous, If you compare the detailed construction rockforex strategy and the one I use now, you would see that I have significantly expanded strategy with additional inputs to the strategy had a better recognition of the direction of the trend.

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Panzer 21 Sie

It's amazing how some people are sometimes poor in their envy, please explain to me in any way breaking the rules, sir, I have tested the new edition, which is also sustainable for the survival of the account, I'm getting 30 to 35 closed positions this month, I know the rules very clearly, and i do so, I'm sorry but i did not understand the rules.

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Panzer 24 Sie

I would be really happy that staff abolish the option of anonymous provocation, indeed some members do not belong here.
Some would trampled over corpses that hinder our success, I do not envy anyone, let everyone do his job, but the anonymous'd like to meet.

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verindur 26 Sie

Great Strategy Irrespective. I don't see any violation of rules because Great minds think alike. And also all profitable strategies in nutshell would do the same thing ++++pips. Only strategy writing style could be different. I am downloading this one and name it as PanzerMagic. Thanks. ))

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Panzer 26 Sie

Correctly, please support to lift the hidden comments once, because anyone can hidden no basis to spit on someone's hard work and dedication to attempt to disable it in his success and reward.
Thanks to a friend in an honest and objective commentary, unlike some of which have no place here. I wish you success and fortunately a friend

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drishti 26 Sie

This is once again the same ATR strategy which is used by lots of participants. You did not change your logic pattern,  +++++++++++++++++++
if (co>base*atr1[5]) { trend = IEngine.OrderCommand.BUY --- if  (oc>base*atr1[5]) { trend = IEngine.OrderCommand.SELL;++++++++++++++ Therefore, I am afraid my friend, you may loose 35 points.

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Panzer 26 Sie

It's important that when you put a strategy in History tester to my medium and long term strategy to be viable, with the SL and TP, and what's inside a drive that is irrelevant now, it seems to me to make up hot water Drishti.
conclusion; should punish all the competitors, because indicators are the same or similar in all of them.
I wonder what you want to achieve with this, I think you know the answer?!

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Panzer 26 Sie

Drishti, I release use this strategy from the beginning, (other volume changes, TP and SL), with this release I have several times received financial rewards, the truth is that were rewarded with a lower value, if you'd you think was punished then it would mean to suport himself challenged, or should punish all the competitors that use ATR indikator?! I'm not the pattern never changed, nor have I observed in other samples, or samples thereof me interested, this strategy is built the way it is, and can not be otherwise.

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Panzer 26 Sie

It is just unbelievable how much some members here are hypocritical and various intrigue here serves only to disable someone to achieve success.

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drishti 27 Sie

I just put my comment on your hard work, because you have put your hard work into it. And your strategy performane is excellent no doubt on it. Keep up your good work.

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sircris 1 Wrz

The only changes I see in this strategy regarding (RockForeXv3) cited above, is the change in the initial value of some variables. The fact that you add the variables: "sma1", "bands", "slowsma1" and "slowbands" but NEVER are used in the strategy. Finally from line 90 (Rockv1) to the end (line 394) is an exact copy of the lines 82-386 (RockForeXv3) (including the trade logic).

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Panzer 1 Wrz

Sircris I disagree with you, unfortunately, the strategy has been updated and functional and, most importantly, profitable the medium and long term, if you have not tested the attempt and see.
And the fact that you think is a logical strategy and what is not, it is for those who know how to program, let them give their opinion.
And you're a good programmer and you know anything more about programming than I probably would have made myself a strategy that will truly has made a profit on your live account, and would not be tortured here in the demo account as I do, right?!

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The strategies that we use here are free to use and can be downloaded and used by any community member , Congratulation Panzer , I'm happy for you.

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Panzer 4 Wrz

Thank you to the king, it is a real and sincere support, few of these here, good luck to you my friend.

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