Trader of the year
How to participate
Be active in the Trader contest for at least 6 months out of the 12 last months.
Participation in the current contest month is obligatory.
Show the highest average profitability during the current year in the end of every month.
Winners are awarded monthly and the yearly prize fund is 24,000$.
Become the Trader of the year and get a 2,000 USD prize.
Trader of the year is required to write an essay and have an interview with representatives of Dukascopy Community TV. For more info please check out the rules.
Winner gets 2000$ every month
Yearly prize fund
LIVE Prize accounts


This is to inform you that starting today, LIVE accounts with your own funds can’t be used for prize money transfers anymore, even if they are linked with

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Winner of Jan 2017
The Trader of the year title and 2,000$ goes to Likerty. Congratulations!
Visit the Results page.
The next winner will be determined in:

Winner's speech

Winner's essay and video interview will be published soon.
Applicants of Feb 2017
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