Monthly chart - For long time, this two currencies had minimal interest rates among other. But nowadays, SGD interest rate grows decently to 0.8% in compare with swiss, which still stays on -0.75%. Maybe it is a reason, that monthly chart makes downward ticks.

Weekly chart - CCI ( -92) shows that pair returns from oversold level, where is was reached level 1.33. STOCH ( 18 . 9 ) indicates same mood, and that this bearish motion was longer than previous ,that was in Q3,Q4 of 2017. Long bearish motion is still in prioritet, but seems that rebound will going on.

Daily chart - value of CCI ( 146 ), it is higher since january, but real price is much, despite on high CCI.
STOCH ( 72 .66), same mood that in CCI. Indicators just tries to grow, after it was been in deep fall.
Last bars are in middle of BANDS, that can say about some consolidation, what is no in CCI or STOCH.

My conclusion that pair still will grow in first month of summer, but on small range, no decent challenges for big range.
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