Audusd is a commodity-based currency so I am not surprised why everyinvestor is trying to get it at a much cheaper price. At present I have
been looking at the downward move of this pair as a 5 -wave move on the 4
hrs really being on the last leg of the move. It is also apparent on
the daily if we take our time to look at the internal price movement .What I cannot really tell is how cheaper festive investors
still want to get this pair but anytime they are tired I see the market
pushing up with a bullish momentum to hit 0.954 after which market will
slope down abit to hit 0.94. Late traders will rush in at this price (0.94)to
take market to 0.971 around January 2. Stocastics is really supportive showing a curvature upwards. Happy new year in advance
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