INDICATORS: RSI, Volatility, Volume

KEY PRICE LEVELS : 0.7800 0.7650 0.7530

  • The AUDUSD is moving in a bullish dynamics with a resistance zone at 0.7700-0.7800. The indicator analysis indicates a bearish time and it can be supported by the Volume and Delta Analysis and the RSI momentum indicator.
  • The last 4 weeks of the Australian forms a kind of a double top, reluctantly moving up. This can be seen more and more negative delta, which indicates the activity of the sellers. There is a divergence between the price and the delta.
  • To give an evaluation of the possible movements of the VSA and Volume Analysis.
Perhaps two of the further scenarios for price movement to target level 0.7200:
  1. Reis to 0,7800-0,7850 with a further fall to the level of 0.7200
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