General outlook for the pair

The pair moved in the last weeks between 1.0900 and 1.1400 , the pair seemed moved in range in the last time, the pair is expected to break current range lower next month as it faces strong area around 1.1300-1.1400.

Expected rate of the pair
1st of October, 12:00 GMT: 1.0565

Major support:

1.0900 (cluster of weekly support), 1.0550 (weekly bottom), 1.000 (physiological level and lowest level in 2015).

Major Resistance :

1.1400 (cluster weekly resistance & tops), 1.1650 (weekly resistance).

In the Monthly Chart:

The last monthly close at 1.1075 was so important as it gives more indication about more bearish forces still in the way to give more momentum to bearish move after topping around 1.1400.

Monthly chart

In the Weekly Chart:The expected scenario is drawn below :

Weekly chart
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