General outlook for the pair:

  • The pair moved in the last weeks between 1.6000 and 1.5400.
  • The pair is expected to move in the next month between 1.5150 and 1.5950 as it faces clusters of daily/weekly tops and bottoms.
Expected rate of the pair 2nd of July, 12:00 GMT: 1.5772

Major support and resistance:
In the monthly chart:

In the weekly chart:

Pair recent direction : Pair moving Down

Different Scenarios for the Pair:

  • Bullish scenario: Bulls will be in control, if pair can break up and clearly close above 1.5750, for at least 2 days.
  • Bearish scenario: Bears will be in control, if pair can break down and Clearly close below 1.5400, for at least 2 days.

Expected market sentiment: Expected scenario for the pair is the bullish/ bearish scenario as seen in chart below:
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