USDJPY is circulating around known zone for couple of months and it is expected to continue the same till FED's decision on Interest rate. Please find below the chart analysis,

Monthly chart:

- It clearly shows the strong price action near 124 price range, as 2007 data declined at the same level. Hence it will be considered as a strong Resistance
- Price around 115 range has been a strong support for this pair, as there is no threat yet to go below this area.

Weekly chart:

- Weekly chart also shows the same support/resistance and more threat to break the current Resistance 121.5 range
- There is another dotted line to measure the pullback pattern and it is clearly shown how the price is expected to range
- Considering the USD bullish move last week, it is expected to continue further and break the Resistance level to test the 124 region. But it is also expected that it will fail again, as the USD need something extraordinary data or Interest decision to go beyond that.
- Based on above analysis, this pair is expected to finish in 123 range.
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