CHART1 TimeFrame: Monthly

INDICATORS: SMA55, SMA89, BBand(25, 2, 2, SMA)

From Monthly chart, I know 4 facts and make 1 prediction:
1.1) To the left of chart, there is a trading dense area, in [1.2329, 1.49398], it is still far away, so it cannot have strong pressure.
1.2) SMA55 cross down SMA89, so this is actually a rally under long term down-trend movements.
1.3) BBands width has been narrowed down, and upper rally is broken, the rise maybe sharply in later months.
1.4) there is a triple-bottoms pattern, the first target price maybe neck line(1.17139) plus the height of bottom(1.17139 - 1.03403) = 1.30875. However this target cannot be reached at target time.
1.5) I estimate the SMA55 price linearly at target date, it should be 1.20030 - (1.20293 - 1.20030) = 1.19767, this is the upper limit of target price.

Chart 2 TimeFrame: Daily
INDICATORS: Channel Line, Time Marker, Price Marker, MACD(24, 52, 18)

From daily chart, I can see 2 facts and make 1 prediction:
2.1) MACD divergence is obvious, this pair may move sideways nearly a month and then rise when meeting BBand's lower rail.
2.2) But I can also notice the DIF and DEA of MACD is highly above zero-axis, so it is a up-trend. So the retrace maybe slightly.
2.3) From the nearest high point to target date(it starts from 2017-08-31), there are 25 periods. And from previous high point at 2017-05-22, I count 25 period to find reference candle, it is at 2017-06-26. The distance from channel upper-rail to close price of 2017-06-26 is (1.15489 - 1.13385). So when I estimate the target price, I subtract the channel upper-rail price with the distance at 2017-06-26.

The price is calculated as below:
1.20872 - (1.15489 - 1.13385) = 1.18768
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