Gold heading towards 1200

Current price : 1243

The weekly chart clearly showed trend reversal at 1300. A position was opened at 1300 with a stop loss of 1366 with 1 st Fibonacci retracement take profit level 1261 which was attained by the gold.
Next Take profit level is at 1198 and the current trend clearly points to attaining it soon on weekly chart.
Momentum (23) and Moving average confirms the forecast
The Daily chart of GOLDUSD clealy shows a downtrend confirming the weekly charts assessment and moving towards 1198
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GBP/USD may fall to 145.16 on technical correction

Instrument: GBP/JPY
After a long rally in the Pound Yen pair last week, there seems to be a technical correction. Reversal pattern was seen at the top with momentum and moving average confirming a possible downtrend.
Take profit 1 : 146.62
Take profit 2 : 145.16
Stop loss : 148.12
The Weekly Chart also confirms the down trend in the pair and is expected to continue.
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USD CAD Moving towards 1.27

USD CAD was on uptrend till 2016 start but since then has shown a down trend which is expected to continue. Long term trend reversal can be seen on daily weekly and monthly charts on USD CAD. On daily chart it is confirmed by the Momentum indicator exactly at 100 and moving average coinciding with the price suggesting trend reversal.
Open: 1.3150
Take profit 1: 1.2950
Take Profit 2: 1.2720
Stop loss : 1.3290
Weekly chart confirms the down trend.
Monthly chart also confirms the down trend and lon…
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USD/JPY to see further downfall. 107-108 expected

USD JPY has seen great fall since past 1 month. The trend shows clear reversal of previous uptrend on daily charts. Which is confirmed by Momentum and Moving average indicators.
Take Profit 1 : 109.70
Take profit 2 : 107.70
Stop loss : 112.90 after which it will continue uptrend.
Daily Chart: Green shows Target area
Weekly Chart : Confirms Downtrend.
Monthly Chart: Shows Uptrend Reversal on even a longer term.
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AUD/USD bullish on technical charts

AUDUSD has been on a downtrend since January this year, But daily charts now show a reversal which is confirmed by moving average 50 and momentum 23 indicators. Fib retracements gives expected levels and a parallel climb gives expected Aud USD value on 1st October 2018.
Target 1: 0.7465
Target 2: 0. 7600( though expected price as per chart is higher but FIB 261 hits at 7600) just in case there is reversal here
Stop loss: 0.7200
The upward trend is confirmed by the weekly chart which has hit yet …
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EUR USD to go further down on technical charts.

EUR USD was on an uptrend since december 2016 an started falling since Jan 2018. This downtrend will further continue as the tech charts show long term reversal on weekly charts. which is confirmed by momentum 23 and moving average 50 indicators
Target 1: 1.1550
Target 2: 1.1230
Stop loss: 1.1900
Daily Chart confirms the movement towards the target prices
Monthly charts show long term downtrend which is expected to follow
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