The monthly ADX just had a cross for the sale, despite this strong signal, the Stochastic begins to saturate in almost all frametimes.
The minimum target in this Bearish Trend: 1.14465 or 1.15566 . When reaching this point, an upward pullback will begin, then, in the first week of July at the predicted time, the EURUSD pair will oscillate around 1.17781

Frametime Weekly
Trend Bearish
Top. 25.551
Sar Potential Reversal Point: 1.15566
Sar Potential Reversal Point: 1.14465

Frametime: Weekly
OHLC, mean H-L in a Bearish Trend 1680 pips
6 weeks before July 2
Less retracements of 60%

Stoch: Nex to OverSold
MACD: Falling
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