Canadian economy has been one of the fastest growing developed economies on back of robust business investment and higher public infrastructure spending. Employment growth is also driving the wages higher providing more in the hands of people for discretionary consumer spending. I am expecting the economy to continue doing well while some moderation in growth is plausible.

Japanese economy is continuing moderate pace of recovery. Government is also putting large investments for the year 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games which is likely to have a positive spillover effect on the larger Japanese economy. Though the inflation is not expected to rise substantially any time soon as wage growth is tepid.

Weekly charts
Bollinger bands: Bollinger Bands are in contraction phase while CAD/JPY is crossing below the middle band. It is suggestive of loosing price momentum and likely break below.
RSI: RSI has largely stayed above the 50 levels for most of the weeks since mid 2017 but of late it's crossing into the bearish territory.
Taken together Bollinger bands and RSI are in bearish mode on weekly charts for CAD/JPY.

Monthly Charts
Bollinger bands: Bollinger bands are just starting to expand after a long phase of contraction while CAD/JPY is successfully holding above the middle band.
RSI: RSI is firmly into the bullish territory of above 50 levels thus giving us the confidence about the underlying bullish trend.
Taken together Bollinger bands and RSI are in bullish mode on monthly charts for CAD/JPY.
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