INDICATORS: RSI, Volatility, Volume, HMM


Weekly CHART PATTERN : resistance and support lines, W1 Chart.


The EUR/SGD pair is moving in a bullish dynamics with a support zone at 1.55189 . The chart analysis indicates a slightly bullish dynamics and it can be supported by the Hidden Markov Models Analysis and the RSI momentum indicator. Standard Dev is relatively adeguate with a slightly bullish tendency.


The D1 scale indicates that the patttern is in a bullish dynamics. The trend can lead to a possible bullish regime with objectives at zone at 1.58892. The Hidden Marko Model and the RSI study are coherent with a bullish dynamics.
To give an evaluation of the possible movements of the cross it is utilized the Hidden Markov indicator techniques.
With the combination of the price lines and the stochastic Hidden Markov Processes are indicated two possible forecast value.
  1. The forecast value in the bullish is valued at 1.58197.
  2. The forecast with the trendless cycle is valued at 1.53032 .

Figure 1 describes in a W1 trendlines with the key price levels.

Figure 2 exhibits the hypothetical path and the forecast value

Considering the slope of the trends, the key level price and the possible retracement it can be evaluated a forecast price level at 1.58197.
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