We looked at the market ı ğ us your gun politics to show the re ba evil agenda and yesterday I. Manufacturing PMI discussed in Turkey and ss August release export data, or is the evil mother decline was to keep evil when adverse weather Turkish Liras under pressure exhaust. Dr GR hand, the US investment bank Morgan Stanley, the government's failure to run the floor dry December, Moody's notes Turkey's evil ürebile G ini di noted. These explanations did not cause any side established a pricing mechanism should state ı ğ. Overseas şi I looked up ı ğ us today, in the United States to be released on Friday is expected regarded agriculture di S II pioneer in qualitative ğ in employment ADP Di S II I. Employment De ğ evil Change in Network i and this data is to be announced factory orders evil s data S i te importance of the exchange of GDI as I recalled. Technically, the 2.9230 level ğ brought our appreciation Network i wolf recovery can continue as long as I stay on the GDI. Above 2.9390- 2.9490 resistance can be monitored. The potential support levels 2.9130-2.9070 studies can be traced back to check the line.
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