Last two days in front of us have an image that continues to dry up USDTRY way out. This attitude buyers - buyers that the seller struggle forward again now as an image emerges. Specifically, this rule, the last time the peak of the movement with the view to contribute to the re-test of the 2.6482 level is continuing. The point that should be noted here is that much of the current appetite of buyers. If the peak is 2.6482 level will increase further when you can tell the appetite and can take a journey towards new heights. Otherwise, the receiver can experience a huge disappointment. Therefore, we should be more careful in the future.

Considered the day as the short-term 21-day exponential moving average of 2.5750 support is an important point, we can say that want to be in the forefront of thinking about the positive trend will continue over the fulcrum. Setup if you can see the passing of 2.6175 resistance is yesterday's peak summit historic step towards a new support if you continue to act on this. The first important point of support before 2.5750 recorded as the lowest point was recorded as 2.5945 today
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