The NZDCAD has been susceptible to the Emerging market sell-off and the weakening differentials between North america and China. Now I believe that this summer should bring low volatility and therefore we should see fewer sizeable moves. For this reason, and the slight yield spread between NZD and CAD should push the NZDCAD with an upward bias.

I would recommend selling short straddle with expiration around the end of August / beginning of September with strike around 0.81 or 0.82.

Here we can see a H4 chart showing potential support for a medium term upward move.

On a daily chart it seems a little more weak with a potential breakdown to the previouis swing low but there seems to be little fundamental support for this.

Stochastics show no major bias and after such a move there may be a calming down in moves and so I see 0.82 as a realistic target for September.
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