Prosím. Jak mám vložit do týdenního grafu separátor období Děkuji za odpověď.

I have a question. How to insert separators term time frame to week and month of the platform Jforex?
Thank you

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Hi, for daily separators please do the following:

1. Open JForex platform.
2. Click "Tools -> Preferences" menu item.
3. Go to "Chart" tab.
4. Tick "Show Period Separators" checkbox.
5. Click "OK" button.

However, I don't know of any way to insert weekly and monthly separators other than to find or develop a custom indicator.

You can try and:

1. Check JStore if such indicator already exists:
2. Develop it yourself.
3. Ask external programmers for help:
4. Request new feature:

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26 Nov. 2015 by

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This is i know but I need separators on the wek and monts.
You write only day separator.

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2 Dec. 2015 by

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Please see the answer I amended above.

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