Contest prize and withrawal question

Let say I win prize of 500usd and as the rules stated
the money will be locked until I have made the enough
turn over. But let say I have made another 200USD but
still not yet make enough turnover requirement yet.So
now I have 700USD in my acocunt with 500USD being locked.
So will I be able to withdraw the 200USD while leaving the
locked 500USD in my account?

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If your turnover meets the requirement for withdrawing USD200, then you will be able to withdraw it from the USD700 leaving a balance of USD500.

As long as the turnover requirement is still the same, new money coming from the contest is still locked and subject to the turnover even if its $50.

Example: You have $500 with turnover of 5M, you have unlocked $200, you win $200 making live account balance $700 with turnover of 5M, you can only withdraw $200 and $500 will be locked.

Hope this helps

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