Historical tickdata halts download at 50 ... why

I'm trying to download EUR/USD historical tick data from the start of this month, April '15.

After selecting.. say 05/04/2015 and clicking download the progress bar displays normal download activity, but then halts at 50%.

This happens regardless of the Forex cross, or the date I select (I tried a few at random).

Stopping at 50% seems quite arbitrary and so I'm thinking I have missed some prerequisite. Any advice is much appreciated.

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I also get the same problem when I try to download historical exchange rate data, the download always stops at 50% ! 
I have tried many times using Firefox on 2 different PCs. I have also updated Firefox but to no avail.

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You can send an issue report to [email protected]

Don't forget to provide as much info as you can (including a screenshot of the issue and your OS and browser versions) to ease the issue-solving process.

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3 Jan. 2016 by

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