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I'm facing a problem with my strategy this month, I've noticed this morning that it was stopped and I restart it, but it stopped again few minutes after, I've tried manytimes today (5 of 6 times) to restart the strategy it works for few minutes and stop again.

Any one facing this is? any suggestion to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance for your help and support ;-)

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Same problem. I upload the new version yesterday. And it always stopped after a few minutes. Click restart a few times and still no luck.

Hope somebody solve this problem.


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BilboFX 7 Apr.

Hi TradingwithEA, looks like it working today I've restarted my strategy and so far it's running, let see for how long ;-)

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Hi BilboFX, great. My strategy is running now.:)

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BilboFX 8 Apr.

Good to read that TradingwithEA, let hope it would run till the end of the month ;-)

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1. Check your strategy log if there are any errors that may cause your strategy to stop. You can access strategy log from JForex platform via Portfolio -> Strategy Log menu, then click on appropriate StrategyName/StartTime table row and then View Log button.

2. If there are no errors in your strategy log, send a detailed report to [email protected] (Strategy Contest) or [email protected] (Live and Demo trading).

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