own money vs prize money - which one we lose ?

i'll ask my question from an example :

let say

* i have 10,000 $ from my own money
* i have 2,000$ from prize money

let's assume i have not reached the turnover min rate so that the prize money is not really my money.

therefore i'm under the impression that whenever i lose on trades, then i'm losing my own money only & not the prize money.

And therefore, it seems that the only way to actually trade with the prize money (and risk to lose that prize money only) would be to withdraw all my money from my live account. Then & only then i'd be trading & risking the prize money.

Or is there a way to have a real sub account from which we can chose which money we use on every trade we open (then obviously any profit made on prize money would be bound to the turn over rate).

So do i have to withdraw all my real money if i want to trade & risk some prize money or did i miss something somewhere ?

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6 Mar. 2015 by

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The Prize Money is added to your Account has an increase on Negative Balance. So if your prize is 5.000USD, your Orders wont close when Used Margin reaches Zero, only when it reaches -5.000USD. Then, after Traded Volume achieved, it goes into your Tradind Cash as Balance and Stop Margin then its Zero again.

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4 Apr. 2015 by

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mikakun 11 Apr.

thanks but you're not answering the question directly : do i have to withdraw all my real money if i want to trade & risk the prize money only ? I'd interpret your answer as a yes however. thanks to confirm.

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Bimlesh 12 Aug.

Sorry dear, you have the right question, but wrong people answerd ;), I guess consulting your A/c manager could be a better option.
and btw, I have withdrawn REAL money from my prize A/c

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That's a good question. I'm also a little confused about '2.The winners may withdraw the prize amount from their live sub-account after meeting the following minimum turnover requirements, which constitutes 2 million USD for every 100 USD won in the Contest' I guess they are talking about real money? That would be nuts though, and impossible.

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31 Mar. 2015 by

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mikakun 11 Apr.

turnover is how much you've been trading, ie the size of the position with leverage - 100 for most for forex, 30 for cfd. so if you open a position of 0.001 eurusd, that's 1000EUR of turnover. so yeah nearly impossible indeed to reach the target considering the volatility on the markets. the only way i can imagine is put it all on something, if you get lucky & double or triple, then run some safe algo just to meet the turnover. if not remake some contest money. could work in the long run... only if you're losing this contest money when you get unlucky.

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zem1000 3 May

double or triple or do more money, then dirty job leave for other traders: subscribe some traders, o use scalping robot.

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