Can Indian s use their Aadhaar Card to as an ID proof?

Can Indian's use their Aadhaar Card as an ID proof to open a live account?
NOTE:- I don't have my passport..

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Aadhaar card won't work as International organizations don"t recognize that as a valid national ID proof. You have to use passport or voter's ID or driving license.

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28 June 2014 by

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Shashank 30 June

Got it..Thank you..

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dream007 1 July

I also don't have passport and I have got an email by RM that PAN Card, Voter ID card and Driving Licence are not considered as National ID proof, and they are saying that I have to use either Passport or Aadhaar card as ID proof. I am highly confused, don't know how to proceed, because what RM is saying, it is totally different in India.I hope, any Dukascopy representative can provide us clear picture of account opening procedure.

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I have live account with dukascopy. I know what they will ask you. Passport is the best option. If you don't have that then it would be Voter Card or Driver's license. Aadhar card is stupid . Nobody would recognize that dumb thing. it's only recognized in INDIA. International organizations never heard of such things.

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aadhar card works...I have used it to open account

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1 Sep. 2014 by

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