Poker rules what is your opinion?

Poker rules what is your opinion?

3 rebuys too. 2 rebuys okay.
Table of 10 players is too much. Tables 7 players máximo is fine.
Tournaments with a prize just is not right.
Daily tournaments of more than 90 minutes is not right.
Weekly or monthly tournaments over 200 minutes is not right.

That's my opinion, what's your opinion?

Spanish: Reglas de poker ¿Cual es tu opinión?

3 rebuys es demasiado. 2 rebuys está bien.
Mesas de 10 jugadores es demasiado. Mesas de 7 jugadores como máximo está bien.
Torneos con sólo un premio no está bien.
Torneos diarios de más de 90 minutos no está bien.
Torneos semanales o mensuales de más de 200 minutos no está bien.

Esa es mi opinión, ¿cual es tu opinión?

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I prefer one rebuy. I don't care about the number of players. Regarding timings, it would obviously go beyond 90 and 200 when people have the options to rebuy. I might be wrong but if there are rebuys then it would be lengthy.

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