how can i know closing times for the candlesticks on each time frame please?

I need to know from where can I get info on the time of an open or close of a candlestick, say on the hourly time-frame or the four-hourly and so on. I have tried clicking on the candles themselves, to no avail. I have tried searching the Help section, but I found nothing, maybe my mistake. Can you help me? a million thanks in advance.

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Right now I can think of three ways to do that, if you are using JForex platform.

1. Choose "Table" in a drop-down list of chart types.
2. Put a Time marker on a candle use are interested in.
3. Use OHLC widget and move your mouse cursor over the candle you are interested in.

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22 Apr. 2014 by

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kukkax 22 Apr.

a million thanks. will do

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There is also a strategy in the JSTORE written by Dukascopy named "Bar Time Left" It will display on the chart as well

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14 May 2014 by

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If you find when the Day Bar Time is, you can sub-divide the 24h into 4h, and do the Math. The Day Bar on USA starts at 00:00 hours US Time.
Here should be the US plus time gap, but im not sure.
But just wath the Graphics and see what time does the Day Bar starts.

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4 Apr. 2015 by

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