Will dukascopy add Oil for trading?

I just wanted to know if dukascopy will add some more currency or commodity for trading, as some brokers have started offering GBP/TRY for trading and Oil commodities seem to be pretty attractive for trading. It would be cool if we could buy and sell Oil commodity with dukascopy bank as well :)

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2 Mar. 2014 by

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Oil and other CFDs are already available for quite some time now on both demo and live accounts.

Please see this: https://www.dukascopy.com/swiss/english/cfd/what-are-cfds/

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14 Oct. 2015 by

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Well from what i know we will have commodities available to trade when the new platform will be lunched & ready . Its just a matter of time. Though i don t know what comodities. It would be nice to have oil , natural gas , corn , soybean, coffe,sugar, or indexes to trade as well. It certainly will be something interesting and people will be more keen to have a single account here that offers all than sepparate accounts for every products. There will be option trading lunched soon. In a year from now Duka will certainly look awesome if will have a large variety of instruments.

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2 Apr. 2014 by

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Any updates as to when these commodities and CFD's will be available for trading? Is it like 1-3 months or longer?

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25 Apr. 2014 by

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Chubbly 14 May

Any updates yet as to when this will happen?

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Metal_Mind 14 Sep.

CFD are live now. They are availible for demo testing and can be requested  if you have a live account. Check out the main page.

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