Error in strategy contest

While compiling a strategy , I am getting this error "JSON decoding error: 4" can anyone help me with this?

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Mehfooz 30 Nov.

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You can always remove code blocks one by one to identify which one is causing the error.

For example, incorrectly written expression in "Calculation Expression" block often causes compilation error.

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3 Nov. 2015 by

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nuonrg 5 Nov.

Thanks will also look into that. Where do I watch code instead of visual jforex?

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al_dcdemo 11 Nov.

Hi, to view code of a VJF strategy, do the following from your JForex platform:

1. Right click on "Strategies" and select "Open Strategy"
2. Click "VisualJForex"
3. Expand "My Strategies"
4. Select your strategy and click "Open"
5. Right click on the strategy and select "View"

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We are talking about that in the forum. Some seem still to have this problem.

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17 May 2014 by

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