File Error (Error #2030)


I got the following error when trying to open the latest version of my strategy:

Error Message:
File Error
Error #2030

Not really know why it happened. I am still able to compile the strategy and I am still able to retrieve the strategy via the "My Strategies" block.

I will be happy to share the strategy in order to identify the exact problem.

Another question, which may be related to the problem. What does the colour of the lines connecting all the different blocks represents? Most of the time is white but sometimes it could be yellow or in my case magenta.


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1. In addition to saving your strategy, export it to a VFS file. You can then try and load the strategy from the file if regular opening fails.

2. Colored lines are useful to visualize source (starting block) of a particular block.

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18 Nov. 2015 by

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You can color lines by clicking on start blocks.
If you face error 2030 try to export strategy in file and save it there.

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26 Feb. 2014 by

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