trader contest available on iOS, Android ?

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Is the trading platform for the Monthly Trader Contest available only in the Java based JForex but not in iOS or Android platforms? Recently I got an email dated 3-Dec-2013 saying that Trader Contest is also available on iOS or Android devices but I cannot login on those platforms. When will the trading platform be available to iOS or Android devices for the Trader Contest?

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Trading can be performed using the Java, Android and iPhone/iPad/iPod platforms (no trading possible via web-platform). You can find the same information in Trader Contest Rules section.

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14 Dec. 2013 by

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In order to match the rules of the trader contest, only on the computer JFOREX and JAVA platform to log on, mobile platform and web platform can not log in. So far. I personally think, only for reference.

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29 Nov. 2015 by

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