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1) Is it possible to look at the trade exit time In the history for downloading? I can see the entry time, but no exit time of the specific trade.

2) Is it possible to place historical trades of the specific participant on the chart? I'd like to see where the participant entered and exited the trades.

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1. Go to a participant's Trader Contest profile.
2. Click Trade Feed tab on the Contest Feed below.
3. Click View Chart button on a trade you wish to study.

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24 Apr. 2018 by

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alexstox 22 May

Thank you very much. I don't know how to like or vote for your reply )) I clicked on "vote up", but it warned me "vote can not be empty"

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Yeah, I see. Don't worry, I'll report the issue to [email protected] and maybe get 2000 DUK on top of the best answer reward :) But really, I'm glad if my answer was helpful.

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guys please help

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23 Apr. 2018 by

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