How to make a prediction on Community Predictions

Hello Guys ,
Dukascopy has lunched its new contest , But I couldn't find how to add a prediction using swiss forex App ?! How it could be done !?

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1-Open application
2-open menu
3-Choose Predictions
4-Choose Quotes (you will see pairs)
5-you will see community indicator (RED if expected down - Green if expect up).
6- Choose Green or red according to your expecation, window will appear to choose if your expecation for day or week or month.
7- For Prediction contest use for (day).
Good Luck

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16 Apr. 2018 by

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hunlion 16 Apr.

Thanks, I figured it out :) , the problem is that I have to log in everytime i open the app the "remember login" seems that it doesn't work

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hunlion  Please specify do you use Android or IOS?

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