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I prepare strategy on demo account test it there and there works
after that import it into Live account and run it Remote - but seems all starts well, but not open any positions - what could be wrong or need to check?
for crosscheck I run the same strategy again with the same settings on DEMO for the same day and there were opened few positions

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In a remote run, a strategy needs to subscribe to all instruments it is going to work with.

If problem persists, follow these steps:

1. Backtest your strategy to see if it works as it should.

2. Run the strategy on a demo account to see if it works as it should.

3. Check strategy log to see if there are any errors. You can access strategy log from JForex platform via Portfolio -> Strategy Log menu, click on the most recent StrategyName/StartTime table row and then View Log button.

4. If the strategy works as it should in backtest and demo environments but not in live environment and there are no errors in strategy logs, then send a detailed report to [email protected]

5. Otherwise review the code and debug the strategy.

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