Binary contest PRIZES turnover.

Greetings to all! I double checked the rules,the faq,and all over the forum but i didn't get it.I'm asking you to kindly explain me better how does it works. I perfectly understand the turnover requirements for forex contest prizes,because we all use some leverage on it,and i think 2.5 mln every 100 usd prize is fair but...what about binary contest prizes ? If i win for example 300 usd prize,6th to 15th place – turnover requirement 7.5 million USD,i get credited on a binary sub account,right? And then,how much binary options volume will i operate to met the turnover requirements ?

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Presently, contest prizes can be credited to Forex Live PRIZE accounts only.

Support for Binaries may be added in the future.

I think turnover conditions would be different (but proportional) for Binaries than those for Forex accounts.

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18 Mar. 2017 by

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Оборот одинаковый, независимо от платформы и рынка - форекс или бинарные опционы. Для торговли Вашего приза 300 $ нужно 7.5 миллионов оборот

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19 Mar. 2017 by

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Vlad_55 19 Mar.

На данный момент призовой счет открывается для торговли на стандартном рынке форекс. Возможно открытие Призового счета в бинарах будет реализовано в будущем.

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