Median / Mean Renko indicator / chart for JForex?

Does anyone know of or offer a Median/Mean Renko indicator/chart for JForex?

In case you're unaware, a median or mean Renko Chart sets the open of each bar artificially at the mid point of the previous bar.

Some renko indicators allow you place your open wherever you wish which would also work, but midpoint is good enough.


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You have several options:

1. Take a look at JStore to see if there are any tools with functionality that matches your requirements:

2. Consult external programmers:

3. Develop your own solution using JForex API and Java:

4. Make a feature request:

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11 Feb. 2017 by

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hadrian 12 Feb.

Thanks for taking the time to respond Al. Re your solutions:

1. Already did this search and there isn't anything available which is why I posted the question here.

2. I've already started contacting external programmers, I was just checking if anyone had already created the solution or knew of someone who had before I went and paid for someone to create it from scratch.

3 & 4. Too time consuming in my situation.

Appreciate you taking the time.


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al_dcdemo 18 Feb.

You're welcome. I hope you'll get your solution quickly.

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