Margin Cut event on the Provider notifications and trade closing in Signal Subscription


I regularly receive mails like this for some of my subscribed signals:

Please be informed that Signal Subscription for Provider XXX with Provider ID XXX has been automatically suspended due to Margin Cut event on the Provider.

All opened position(s) from Provider XXX were automatically closed.

However, when I look up the info page about the signal, here e.g. , there are still open trades which seems strange given a margin cut.

So my questions are: can you explain this "Margin Cut event on the Provider“ to me or point me to information – when/why is it triggered? Is there anything I can do? Should I better not subscribe to such signals anymore?

Thanks, Martin.

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It is possible that a Trader Contest page is updated periodically rather than immediately after each event on the underlying contest account.

For more information you can turn to [email protected] (Contest accounts) or [email protected] (Live or Demo accounts).

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21 Jan. 2017 by

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From my view, it's normal action from system: when signal sender's account get margin cut, all
open position of the signal followers would be closed on market price.
You have to make new position to follow it if you perfer to the signal.
Or, unbind the subcription once for all.

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6 Feb. 2017 by

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