How to backtest a manual strategy effectively without the benefit of hindsight?

Lets say I thought about a trading methodology and I would like to backtest it effectively without the benefit of hindsight, like a trade simulator but with historical data not real time data
something similar to historical tester visual mode that is used to test automated system but with the main difference that I execute trades myself and of course control the flow of price data
a plus would be the same reports thing that is generated with historical tester
If such a thing isn't possible via Jforex, can you please point me in the direction of another software that does this same -or similar- function?
thank you in advance

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Hi, there is one system developed by Jose Longo called MyofflineTrades, specially build for backtest manual trading. You can contact jlongo user directly or you can download the jforex version file from github.

I hope, this will help:)

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30 Dec. 2016 by

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AFAAD 31 Dec.

Thank You, that is pretty much what I was looking for :)

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