Strategy - Comp. Error

Why am i getting Comp. error when i upload a strategy ?

The strategy works well on demo (10s candle) but not on strategy account. (Compilation & remote run was without errors).

How to get the strategy into that special (strategy) account? How to submit/upload it correctly? /not publish/.


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Hello Peggy.

Your strategy must be written in accordance with Java Code Conventions and you can find more information about it via this link:

Personally, I prefer creating a strategy on the Visual Jforex online application and test it on a Jforex demo account:

If you still have any issues with your strategy files, then it is best to simply get in touch with the Live Chat Support.

Good Luck!

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16 Aug. 2016 by

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Peggy37 18 Aug.

Plese help how to upload it correctly ?

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Peggy37 22 Aug.

Now , its not running at all. please help me why its running on demo correctly and not on a strategy contest account ????

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I've noticed that too a couple of times. I suspect it could be related to periodic server maintenance.

Try to restart your strategy multiple times over several days and the problem will eventually go away.

But if it persists, send a detailed report (description, screenshot, strategy code) to [email protected]

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15 Aug. 2016 by

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I have no screenshot, no log because on my side is everything ok.

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15 Aug. 2016 by

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al_dcdemo 17 Aug.

I also experienced this when a locally compilable VJF strategy wouldn't compile after uploading it to the Strategy Contest.

I tried to restart the strategy several times and eventually the strategy compiled and ran.

As I said, the problem could be related to server maintenance works, especially if you upload a strategy on a weekend.

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